Top Five Patricks for St Paddy's Day 🍀

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St Patrick’s Day on a Saturday. What are the chances?

Well, the previous Paddy Saturday was 2012, so we’ve had to wait six long years to head out and get hammered, wearing green and pretending to be Irish in some way, safe in the knowledge that the next day will be a Sunday. Forgive us for being a little excited.

Anyway, back to grub and sauce and stuff.

We asked Alex to “do some Irish food” so we could use St Patrick’s Day as an excuse to get our chef to make something stunning. He did.
He cooked up a huge pie laden with Irish stout, because why not? After the meat was drenched in White Hag and pushed into pastry, we got talking about our favourite Patricks while shovelling pie into our faces. Here are our top five:

5. Patrick J Adams

Thinking about it, there aren’t really that many Patricks people care about. So, just inching it into our top five is Mr J Adams. Why? Erm, because he’s alright in Suits. Oh, and his on-screen wife is soon to be Prince Harry’s real-life wife, so points for that, sure.

Patrick Adams

4. Patrick Swayze

A pretty face in some pretty classic movies, no one can deny Patrick Swayze was a pretty cool guy. Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Road House and even that ludicrous Point Break with Keanu Reeves. We all know you will have watched at least one…even if you pretend you haven’t. We’re certainly not putting him in the corner, but sadly he’s only made it to the number four spot. RIP.

Patrick Swayze

3. Paddy McGuinness

His name literally has the word Guinness in it, so we couldn’t really leave Paddy out of an Irish-themed list about people called Patrick? The phrase ‘no likey, no lighty’ should really have seen him drop further down, but his work with Peter Kay is good enough to keep him in third spot. He’s a Northerner too.

2. Patrick Star

No questions asked, he is without doubt one of the most famous Patrick’s so don’t @abuse us on this. Also, he's in so many good memes…you can’t scroll down your snide timelines without seeing his salty, pink face. Point proven. Leave it there. Don’t challenge us. Silver medal for the star of the show.

Patrick Starr

1. Patrick Stewart

Who else? The real don.

Patrick Stewart is a great actor and he simply means well. What really sold him as the champion Patrick for us though, is his scene in Extras.
“…and her clothes fall off?”
The scene in Extras is one of the finest in British sitcom history, but let's not forget his work on the likes of X-Men and the more artsy stuff many of you won't give a swan about. What a guy.

Oh and he was also the Chancellor at Huddersfield University where our Design Lead Danielle went, so we basically know him.

Patrick Stewart

Listen, we love a good debate, so while you’re throwing back litres of Irish stout this weekend (even though you’d never normally touch it) ask your mates for their number one Patrick and let us know on Twitter.

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  • Where’s the man in the picture? He’s the MVP!

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