Pulled Pork At Home

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“Hello mate, glad you could make it. Come on in. We’ve got pulled pork outside!”

Ahh, hello on-trend barbecue host, with your snazzy pulled pork that none of us knew you could prepare. You must certainly know your way around a millennial grill. Respect due.

But hold on, pulled pork ISN’T actually that tricky and it certainly isn’t something only the big boys should be cooking up. It’s actually quite simple once you nail the basics. In fact, we'd go as far as saying it's as easy as burning sausages.

“What are the basics, though, Meat Lust? Hurry up, I’m getting bored!”

Okay, we'll get to it. Here they are:

1. Get the Right Pork

We’d recommend pork shoulder. Why? Nice and tasty fat content and a beautiful, pullable texture when cooked correctly.

Pork Shoulder

2. Get Rid of the Skin

Well, don’t get rid of it, but take it off the meat. Flavour needs to get into the pork and a healthy layer of skin is going to slow that down. Take the skin off yourself or get a chirpy little butcher to do it for you. You can use the skin for other stuff so don't bin it.

3. Marinade the Meat

Obvious, this. You’ll want a bit of sweet and a bit of salt to create a mouth-watering concoction of flavour. If you’re looking for a smoky-sweet tone, try a sweet barbecue rub. Flava-it is great for this.

4. Keep it Damp

You want the meat to stay juicy, so a bath of water below the tray is essential. Wrap the whole thing in foil and it will create a quite stunning atmosphere in the oven/barbecue. It's a bit like R Kelly's Ignition (Remix) video in there. Hot.

R Kelly Ignition

5. Take Yo Time

Cook at around 130 to 145 degrees centigrade and for a 1.5kg shoulder, we reckon about three hours should do the trick. The key is to bide your time and hold off until the pork is falling apart beautifully, like Arsene Wenger's Arsenal career.

Arsene Wenger

6. Pull and Drench

Get it out, rip it apart and cover it in sauce. Guess what Meat Lust sauce we’re going to recommend...yeah, BBQ Mop. Why? Because it’s smoky, sweet, thick and flavoursome and when it warms up, it’s dribbles beautifully into the pork. Hungry yet?

Pulled Pork

7. Eat the Food

Find a bun, a sweet bread or a wrap, pile up the pork and enjoy yourself. Pulled pork is a great additional to ANYTHING and complements other meats well too. In short, it's a must.

There it is, simple, yes? If you’ve ever tried this at home, we can guarantee you’ve taken some snaps of it. It’s impossible not too, with pulled pork and other stuff like ribs. If you have, share. If you haven’t, do it and have a blast.

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