Manctucky Fried Chicken

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KFC has run out of chicken. Bit of a problem for the Colonel, that one. It's like Greggs running out of sausage rolls or Lynx running out of Africa; concerning for the lifelong lovers.

People are losing their minds! They're chasing vans full of chickens through town and some idiots are even calling the police. There has to be a simpler solution.

Oh there is, make it at home.


Below is a step-by-step guide to making a pretty special fried chicken. We're calling it UOKFCHun? It's our own version and it's so simple.

Easier than queueing in the cold anyway. Grab a bird and get started...

STEP ONE: Get Your Chick Together

Make sure your fryer is switched on so it’s heating up ready for the big dip. 170 to 180 degrees is the sweet spot. In the meantime, sort out which bit of the chicken you’re going to use. The tastiest cut of chicken is usually the thigh, but most parts work well with this so we’re throwing the whole ruddy thing in. Some people like to massage the meat beforehand, but we think that’s a bit weird and not the sort of thing you’d want a housemate walking in on.

STEP TWO: Soak Your Meat

After portioning your chicken, soak the pieces in buttermilk. This tenderises the meat and gets the outer coating all sticky and flavoursome. The stickier the better really. Best thing to do is chuck it all into a plastic bag, add the buttermilk and lob it into the fridge for an hour or two; for as long as you can. We’ve added some Buffalo-style marinade from our pals Flava-it, to give a buttery and spicy heat.

 Chicken in Buttermilk and Flava-it Buffalo Style Marinade Chicken in Buttermilk and Flava-it Buffalo Style Marinade

STEP THREE: Get Your Coat

There are loads of rumours flying around regarding the original Colonel’s coater mix so we’re not going to bother speculating about what might be in it. We’ve got our own ideas, so the arrogant pensioner can swivel.

Three things make up our chicken coater. Gram flour, breadsticks and cornflakes. Gram flour isn’t as finely milled as normal flour so it dries on much better. Great texture too. The breadsticks and cornflakes bring a larger surface area and a beautiful texture. Some of it’s fine like dust, some of it’s chunky and rough. Perfect.

Many before us have added things like powdered garlic and the like. Don’t. This can burn in the fryer and damage both the oil and your reputation.

Breadsticks, Cornflakes and Gram Flour Mix Breadsticks, Cornflakes and Gram Flour Mix

STEP FOUR: Put On Your Coat

When your fryer’s hot enough, it’s time to #coat and #dunk.

Get your coater spread out on a tray and roll the chicken pieces into it, like a small, crying boy running out of the sea and tripping over in the sand. Press the crumbs onto the chicken and watch the buttermilk coating grab on, creating a nice, thick coat of crispy goodness.

Then you’re ready for action. The fry’s the limit.

Coating Chicken in Breadcrumbs Coating Chicken in Breadcrumbs

STEP FIVE: Dunk the Chunks

Once you’ve got cornflakes and breadcrumbs all up in the chicken’s grill, head to the fryer and chuck the pieces deep into the hot oil. Make sure you’re channelling your inner Tom Daley when you drop the chicken in; no-one likes a big splash and hot oil will burn straight through your Patagonia t-shirt.

The chicken needs to reach an internal temperature of at least 69 degrees in order to be truly safe, fam. If you haven’t got a meat thermometer, the best thing to do is to stick a sharp knife into the thickest part of the meat for a good 30 seconds and if it feels hot, it’s hot and therefore likely to be safe. If it’s not, or you’re not sure, it’s wise to finish off in the oven.

Deep Frying Chicken Deep Frying Chicken

STEP SIX: Dress To Impress

Pull out the protein and let the fried chicken drain for a minute or two. A wire rack or drying paper is good for this.

Chuck it all into a bucket and grab your Meat Lust Buffalo and Meat Lust Ghost Chilli sauce, you’re ready for action. If your housemate hasn’t left the building after walking in on you massaging meat in the kitchen earlier, maybe give them a shout too and share the wealth.

Plot twist: We’ve made a waffle burger because Alex likes to make things interesting. Oh and some onions rings too.

UOKFCHun Tower Burger Meat Lust UOKFCHun Tower Burger Meat Lust

Enjoy x

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