McDonald's Wagyu Burger

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McDonald's is serving a Wagyu beef burger 🍔🍔

That’s right. In Australia, as part of the Gourmet Creations range.

The patty is made from 100% Australian-bred Wagyu beef and sits on a new Maccy’s bun, with a specially created sauce we doubt is as good as ours, crispy bacon strips, caramelised onion, lettuce, some tomato and a standard slice of cheddar cheese.

McDonald's Wagyu

Wagyu is from one of four breeds of Japanese cattle known for its hideously good flavour due to the fat marbling in the meat. They're not massaged and they're not treated like kings, they're just better. 

Australia is one of the biggest exporters and producers of Wagyu outside Japan, so you'd expect it's come from a decent source.

It goes on sale today and reviews have been mixed as expected. Exciting, sure. But Wagyu and McDonald’s? Is that something that can be done well?

Wagyu Beef

If you’re 10,000 miles away in Melbourne (lucky nutter), check it out and let us know.

It’ll do well to beat the burger we made with Dirty Food Revolution for National Burger Day last year. We had BBQ Mop sauce all over it. Look at that…

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